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May I use Lavasoft with Microsoft Essentials

conflict antivirus essentials microsoft

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#1 williambuell



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Posted 15 February 2012 - 02:42 AM

Will Microsoft Essentials Antivirus conflict with Ad-Aware?

I purchased a Toshiba Qosmio Windows 7 a month ago and it came with Norton. I totally removed Norton with Add/Remove Programs and then with their special remove tool, and I installed Microsoft Essentials free antivirus which is supposedly integrated with the Windows 7 one-way firewall. They claim that a two-way firewall is useless since if it catches some outgoing communication that means the machine is already infected. I installed the free Lavasoft Ad-Aware because I am troubled by tracking cookies. I have NOSCRIPT installed in my Firefox browser and it is from Firefox that I use Facebook. When I want privacy from Facebook, I log out of Facebook and use NOSCRIPT to forbid Facebook. I use Chrome browser for things like Gmail and Google Plus.

I upgraded to the paid version of Ad-Aware in the hopes that it will offer real-time protection against tracking cookies.

I also periodically run a full scan with the free version of malwarebytes.

I also have an old Dell XP which is protected by Avira Antivir paid version with integrated firewall. I read that Ad-Aware also teams up with the Avira engine. Anyway, I will appreciate any advice about possible CONFLICTS using both Ad-Aware and Microsoft Essentials.

I assume that an occasional scan by malwarebytes cannot hurt since it is not real-time.

I used to use free Ad-Aware in the mid 1990s and was impressed with its performance.

For many years I used free AVG by Grisoft and it seemed to do a good job but I came to believe that it had a certain number of false positives. I switched to paid Avira because it had an integrated firewall. At certain times on certain Windows XP machines I have used free Spybot-S&D together with "teatimer". I have also used a free firewall, Online Armor, by tallemu. My experience with such products is that someone knowledgeable must frequently answer permission questions so I did not use such products on machines where non-technical users might become confused.

Back around 1998 when I started using AOL dial-up my machine was taken over by a netbus trojan and I purchased Lockdown and became a beta test site. The technician spent an hour on the phone with me telling me how to clean my system of the trojan and email it to him. He had a disassembler which showed the source code of the trojan as a mixture of Visual Basic and Delphi. The trojan imitated AOL complete with false chat rooms and had a menu of destructive actions to erase the hard drive, damage the registry, plus annoying actions like opening and closing CD drives. One job in the 1990s did subscribe to Pestpatrol. At that same job there was one vicious trojan on one machine infected because a company officer liked to surf questionable sites. I stayed until midnight and was only able to remove it with a 30 day trial version of Kaspersky. The company did not have a big budget for software.

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Posted 15 February 2012 - 11:08 AM

Hi williambuell,

It should not be any problem combining Ad-Aware Free 9.6 with Microsoft Security Essentials or with Avira Antivir. It might be conflicts with Ad-Aware Pro, however. See LS Digger Barnes explanation in the post http://www.lavasofts...ndpost&p=125582

If you have (want to have) Ad-Aware Pro 9.6 on the same machine as Microsoft Security Essentials, I suggest that you uninstall Micrsoft Security Essentials since Ad-Aware Pro 9.6 is a much better antivirus program, see for example the tests on http://www.virusbtn....0/rap-index.xml where you find Lavasoft near the top and MS Security Essentials much lower.

If you want to have Ad-Aware Pro 9.6 on the same machine as Avira Antivir Internet Seurity I suggest that you turn off the real-time protection in one of the programs. See http://www.lavasofts...ndpost&p=124418 for instruction of how to turn off Ad-Watch and there should be a similar option in Avira Antivir.

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